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Shrine of Rumi, Konya

Shrine of Rumi, Konya Shrine of Jalaluddin Rumi, Konya Situated at an altitude of 1016 meters in the south central region of the vast Anatolian steppe, the city of Konya is famous far beyond the borders of Turkey The city s renown derives from the nearby ruins of Catal Huyuk and, more so, from the shrine of Rumi, the great Sufi poet 1207-1273...

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Konya travel Central Anatolia, Turkey

Explore Konya holidays and discover the best time and places to visit An economic powerhouse that is religiously inspired and a busy university city that s as conservative as they come Konya treads a delicate path between its historical significance as the home town of the whirling dervish orders and a bastion of Seljuk culture, and its modern importance as an economic boom town...

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Konya 2019 Best of Konya, Turkey Tourism

Konya is where Mevlana Rumi was finally laid to rest, and the Mevlana Rumi Museum is a beautiful spot full of spirituality and love Turkey Konya MevlanaRumi Museum HowDoYouMuseum Mevlana Müzesi 2,282 reviews Konya, Turkey Helpful Save Share Turkish Museums posted a photo Jul 22...

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KONYA The City Of Rumi

Konya is one of Turkey s oldest continuously inhabited cities and was known as Iconium in Roman tim As the capital of the Seljuk Turks from the 12th to the 13th centuries, it ranks as one of the great cultural centres of Turkey...

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