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In most stony meteorites there is metallic nickel-iron The metal is in the form of grains scattered throughout the matrix of the rock Stony-Iron Meteorite The Stony-Iron meteorites are made of both nickel iron metal and stone and this group includes two large sub ,...

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Stony meteorites are called aerolit Stony iron meteorites are called siderites, and iron meteorites are called siderolit Meteorites made of volcanic glass are known as tektit Before a meteorite reaches the earth it s called a meteor, and most are so small that they burn up before they land...

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These are composed of a mixture of metals and silicate minerals The history of stony-iron meteorites remains unclear, but the composition of stony-iron meteorites may be explained if they formed either at the core-mantle boundary of their parent bodies or if they were produced from violent collisions that mixed crust and mantle material with metals originating in the core...

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Types of Meteorites Iron, Stone, Stony

Stony-Iron Meteorit The least abundant of the three main types, the stony-irons, account for less than 2 of all known meteorit They are comprised of roughly equal amounts of nickel-iron and stone and are divided into two groups pallasites and mesosiderit...

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Stony meteorite definition, any of various meteorites composed mainly of rock-forming silicates, especially olivine, plagioclase, and pyroxene, and classified as achondrites or chondrit See more...

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Stony-iron Meteorites are composed of roughly equal amounts of stony materials and metal Stony meteorites are the most common type, but they are difficult to recognize because they are often small fragments and look like ordinary ston Most stony meteorites contain chondrules, very small round mineral grains made up largely of silicon compounds...

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a primitive stony meteorite that contains chondrules and is rich in carbon and volatile materials iron meteorite a metallic meteorite composed mostly of iron-nickel alloys...

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